Sir Richard’s Condoms

A good friend Christina Cary recently shared this great article about a condom company called Sir Richard’s that is geared toward social change. From FIKA:


The Problem: A huge condom shortage is leaving millions of people susceptible to some of the world’s most preventable diseases.

The Challenge: From the ground up, build a company with the power to help address this pressing global health crisis.

Our Mission: For every Sir Richard’s Condom purchased, we donate one to a developing country. Wherever we make a donation, we design an entirely new brand and ensure its cultural relevance with help and guidance from local artists, healthcare providers, and others. And, of course, we make certain that all of our condoms are of the highest quality by using only carefully sourced ingredients and avoiding those that nobody would want in their bedroom.

Please watch the Sir Richard’s Condoms Video Promo for more insight, and awareness of their work in Haiti. Making condoms socially acceptable in Haiti is no simple idea, but Sir Richard’s seems up to the task.