The Sea Chair

ReBlogged from FIKA:


“As some of you may know Kiel B. and I were in Haiti for two months last January. Our time there was a once in a lifetime experience and one we will NEVER forget. If you’re interested, you can find most of our stories on our AyitiPapPeri blog.

We were living on the Southern coast of the Island near Haiti’s cultural hub, Jacmel.  Located on the ocean, the beauty of the place is hard to describe. However, Haiti doesn’t have a trash collection program therefore the beaches are covered with plastic and waste. Worst of all is the enormous use and waste of stryrofoam containers.

Styrofoam is an implacable substances that not only ruins the beauty of Haitian beaches but also kills millions of sea animals every year. Once dumped into the ocean, fish, turtles, and other wildlife ingest it, and since it doesn’t biodegrade, styrofoam remains in their systems and is passed along the food chain. We kept brainstorming about what we could turn the styro-debris into that could be reused afterwards. I found Studio Swine’s Sea Chairs and they are absolutely fantastic.

From their site: “The Sea Chair is made entirely from plastic waste collected from the ocean.  The plastic used to create the first Sea Chair originates from the shores of Porthtowan, a beach located on the Southwest Coast that is known to be the most polluted beach in the UK for micro plastic.  The Sea Chair was produced using the Sea Press, a machine that allows plastic to be heated and formed along with simple moulds and tools. The chair is tagged with the geographical coordinates of where its sea plastic was harvested and carries a production number.”

I’m hoping they can start sourcing styrofoam from Haiti soon. You have to admit the chairs are gorgeous and when you know one has cleaned up a beach and saved countless sea creatures, I think you can only feel proud to be sitting on it!”