Vintage Travel Photos Contest

Bonju Tout Moun!

We are seeking out all of your vintage photos from trips to any destination before 2000. This “contest” is a fun, collaborative way to revisit some of your favorite spots, dust off your old albums, and to make apparent what has and has not changed in years past. We hope to see a lot of great entries so please don’t be shy, and pass the news along to a friend.

I want you to email an old original photo (or photos) that you feel conveys a real sense of place and context. This could be a really wonderful way to share a travel experience that made a lasting impression on you. Please send your scans to with a few words about what we are seeing, when it was taken, and in which country/city.

Thank you

Here’s our first submission from Catherine Viallon’s 1982 trip to Haiti.

Who Needs a Hat When You Have a Chair? - Haiti - 1982

Kids Gathering Wood - Haiti - 1982