Ti Kabrit

Updates on the developments of revamping the water system in Kabik and neighboring Ti Moyage are promising. The plan will incorporate 150 families at first in Plateau in Tessere, and another 600 in Ti Moyage – all being fed from the same source. Providing each house with inexpensive, clean, reliable water, and a usage counter will begin mid-February with mass installations continuing through June. In order to make these changes the new water pipes must be repositioned along the mountainsides. We wanted to better understand the new piping alignments that will make for more efficient & safer water passage, so we went to the mountains to do some technical research.

Sophie had also told us about a waterfall in the mountains, and we made that our reward after surveying the piping plans. We headed toward a section of Plateau Tessere that is to the West of where we have been so far. Along the way we lost Brutus and Lollipop. Brutus later found us on the path, and when he sprinted up to us he looked completely exhausted. Lollipop did not return.

At the waterfall a guy approached us and started talking to Sophie.

He asked Sophie a question he already knew the answer to, if she was the owner of Brutus (he was still with us), and a shorter dog as well. Apparently after we lost them the pair terrorized one of this man’s goats and bit the animal thoroughly enough to threaten its life. They spoke in Creole, but the man’s gestures said it all. He was exasperated then upset then confused then complacent, shocked, in disbelief, sad, understanding… He could not tell if the goat would live. Without proof Sophie requested the guy go check on the ailing goat and let her know what state he was in.

Before we got down to the house the story had spread all around the mountain. People saw us and knew we owned the dogs who attacked the goat like it was a game of telephone.

The fellow showed up with his colleague and a dead goat in tow. It was clear that the dogs had really bitten all over the goat’s back, but now its neck was broken, which the men did to relieve the suffering. The man’s disbelief was in full tilt now. Sophie apologized and asked the worth of his goat.

1500 Haitian Dollars = 7500gourdes = $187.50

Holy shit that’s an expensive goat.

Apparently because of the kabrit’s ability to bear 4 ti kabrit, the value of every potential goat made that one very special. According to Sophie’s friend who was on the scene this was a tremendous overvaluation, but it was a matter of the dog more than the goat. Traditionally a dog who kills goats is killed. We paid $125 and saved Lollipop’s life.

The goat was skinned and butchered in Sophie’s backyard and we are hosting a BBQ with a few people from the neighborhood this week. Making the best out of a bizarre situation for sure.