Cholera on the Decline in the Dry Season

Haiti Cholera Map 2010

This is a widely covered and very important aspect of daily life in Haiti, especially in the more densely populated areas like the capital, PAP. Cholera’s ability to spread is directly linked to the unsanitary build up of trash, and in general a lack of municipal hygiene. When the heavy rains of the wet season interact with the trash on the street there is a sort of swamp like free for all, wherein mosquito and disease breeding is rampant. It will be interesting to note the decline of cholera cases as the trash collection for the processing plant builds momentum and becomes a routine for residents of Jacmel. The correlation should be strong as less garbage is left on the street, and instead makes its way to the plant for processing. Ideally this will become a source of pride for the Haitians who will see their town become cleaner and healthier, and also rake in a bit of profit from TF sales, which could encourage further sanitary measures.

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